The 40 Days Challenge

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Science-based Fat Loss at a Rapid Rate

Weight loss is outdated. We prioritize Fat Loss and muscle retention.

This is a community based program which allows you to garner motivation from others. Humans are wired to do better for, and with others than by themselves. This provides an infrastructure for assisting you to achieve your goals! From elimination protocols to alleviating potential food sensitivities, to carbohydrate cycling with increased protein. Once you carry out an assessment wit us, you will be placed into a specific nutrition group that promotes improvement of both your body's hormonal and metabolic response.

  • Daily Meal Grading
  • Nutritional Consulting
  • Home/ In Gym Workouts
  • Cognitive Behavioral Change
  • Metric Tracking
  • Body Composition Change
SpryLive Strap

SpryLive Strap

The SpryLive Strap is a heart rate monitor that tracks your maximum heart rate during any physical activity. Its also a most have equipment for potential spry members.
SpryLive Strap pack

SpryLive Strap pack


This pack is currently our best selling product among our clients which are now certified member of the spry live community. by containing all the needed equipment to fully participate in our events along with daily training courses.


Do not let FOOD get in the way of your goals! Let us help you change your behavior and stay LEAN forever.

Improve your health and wellness

Get the body you deserve!