At Spry we create community based program which allows you to garner motivation from others. Humans are wired to do better for, and with others than by themselves. This provides an infrastructure for assisting you to achieve your goals! So participating in as much challenges as possible. Once you carry out an challenge with us, you will be placed into a specific leader board that promotes improvement of both your body's hormonal and metabolic response. 

Choose your challenge 

Ruck N River Beach Boot CampBlack Assault

There should be no problem in choosing which challenge you would like to participate in, all challenges are safe and  specially put together for your improvement and to make reaching your goals much faster. so by all means join all challenges if you're fully capable.

Ruck n River

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May 14th, 2022

St Thomas Reggae Fall's

Ruck 5 miles with 0-45 pounds in the terrain of St Thomas Reggae fall's then a River adventures before recovering by the river..

Beach Boot Camp

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May 29th, 2022

Beach Boot Camp 

Join our  weight-loss camp as the sand makes even the most simple exercises much harder. Working out on a beach raises the adrenaline and can get in a good workout regardless of age or ability. 

Starting March 19th and every other satudays

Black Assault Course 

A course through which the participants must run, negotiating obstacles to be climbed, crawled under, crossed on suspended ropes, etc.,

25k Cash Prize for the best course time set.


Is a Session kept every Saturday Which focus mainly involves outdoors military like activities. the exciting ways to lose weight. It also consist of a timed Assault course at the end.

25k Cash Prize for the best course time set.