That the in-season period will never be an ideal time to really enhance performance. Competition takes a huge toll on athletes both physically and mentally, so training will always take a back seat to performing at these times of year. Therefore, it should go without saying that the off-season is of paramount importance to building the elite athlete. Off- Season is the period of time after the conclusion of the season where athletes decrease sport specific skill work and start to focus on functional movement and strength development. This change in focus will allow for greater gains in skill work as the foundation of their athletic pyramid grows. The off-season is divided into specific phases designed to maximize athletic development and work in collaboration with the skill- based training the athlete receives.


In order to maximize athletics performance or have ease with regular day to day activities, the whole body must be functioning properly. This phase aims to identifying deficiencies and address the problems at the root allow for proper prescription of exercises for performance and/or rehabilitation.


Preparatory Phase designed to improve muscular recruitment and anaerobic endurance and increase the size of muscle tissue. Generalized sports conditioning activities


Improving neuromuscular recruitment and facilitations essential to the primary sport movements. Exercise application to sport start to become more sport-specific


Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Sports Performance Training with Strength & Conditioning Coach Jae Edwards. Whether you are a lifetime athlete, coming back from an injury, or simply looking to improve your fitness and performance our Training on the Island of Jamaica has proven results to help you become the best athlete you can be. Once you tap in and feel the difference, there’s no going back to outdated training.

1 Week Program - What’s included:
• Transportation for regular movement - Includes airport pickup and drop off 
• 6 nights accommodation
• Catering by Health Focus Gym’s Kitchen - includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
• Initial Assessment with Physiotherapists
• Strength and Conditioning Training in Facility
• Practice match with local Team
• Cardiovascular training at the Spry Track Club
• Complimentary Sauna Room Recovery Therapy
• Complimentary Ice Bath
• Complimentary needling / Massage