28th Jan to 4th Feb 
30th Jan to 4th Feb
2nd Feb to 4th Feb

Join our powerful International FASTING retreat and restart your health. The body tremendously increases its energy, strength and vitality despite the absence of solid food and other stimulants. By abstaining from the usual three meals, the body deeply relaxes and opens up for an increased energy intake. At the same time inner peace and mental clarity are strengthened and one’s emotions are balanced.

Break food addictions and create new healthy habits. Up to 7 Days FASTING retreat, purge your toxins in a guided fast with the experts from our team. In the water FASTING class, students will participate in up to seven classes (one per day) with the team leader that will support this cleansing fast. In the classes, the team leader will teach you exercises based upon traditional five-element theory to help support, detoxify, and invigorate the body during the fast. The team leader will also explain the methods and reasoning behind our approach to #prolongedFASTING including how to properly break the fast using specific foods. Effects of Fasting
•Recovery of the digestive system
•Purification of body, mind and soul
•Cleansing the body of concretion, toxins and negative emotions
•Deepening of consciousness
•Renewal and sensitization of the senses
•Strengthening the self-healing powers and the immune system
•Improvement of cognitive skills
•Increase of true self-awareness
•More intense awareness of nature and the environment

Movement is an important factor for the success of fasting, as the elimination of degradation products via the lungs and skin should be supported and muscles strengthened. In addition, the body’s circulation is kept going. To consider this process in our retreat, there will be a good mix of exercises, methods and tools, combined with nourishing inward meditations and resting time. This course is available both online and in person.

The individual who takes the class will benefit from the online/in person group experience whilst #FASTING with other students. In addition, students will receive personal guidance during and after breaking the fast.
All are welcome.