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Forget about surgery and the many potential health risks of liposuction! Get an MRI scan of your abdomen today and start your
journey towards achieving better health at Spry!
Decreasing fat mass by surgery removes billions of fat cells, but does not provide the metabolic benefits seen when fat mass is
reduced by lowering calorie intake. Too much abdominal fat is associated with a defect in the body’s response to insulin.
Gauging your nutrition and calorie intake shrinks the size of fat cells and decreases the amount of fat inside the abdomen and
other tissues.
Excess Belly Fat may drive inflammatory processes associated with developing chronic illnesses. This is known to be associated
with disease and inflammation (fat cells inside the abdomen constantly secrete molecules that increase inflammation).
According to scientific research, “Apple-shaped” people carry fat mostly in the abdomen and have a higher risk of developing
heart disease, diabetes and other problems than “pear-shaped” people, who tend to store fat in the hips and thighs. However,
despite this physical analysis, an underweight person may still be at risk of developing heart disease based on “nutrition” in
comparison to a more full-figured person.
Prevent the onset of heart and diabetic related diseases by testing at our SPRYIN facility today. Track your health with SPRYIN
for a better healthier life and longevity!